Landscaping is a way to showcase your personality and lifestyle. In order to have the landscaping that is ideal for you, Unique-scape & Design will custom design the perfect landscape package to fit your needs and budget.

Many property owners find it beneficial to see a landscape plan on paper.  This design often helps people visualize the finished outcome. Landscape plans also help determine a construction budget.

Our landscape professionals have over 20 years of experience here in the southern Nevada.  Our designers know what irrigation systems and vegetation thrive in Las Vegas. As vegetation matures it changes the look of the landscaping. We will help provide a design that is right for you today and in the future.

Many of our customers have relocated to the Las Vegas area from other parts of the country and are not familiar with desert landscaping. Unique-scape’s professionals will explain design options that are ideal for the desert southwest.  Not only are there cost differences in the construction of different landscape plans, there are also different maintenance requirements. Our design team can design a low maintenance landscape for those that hate yard work, or an ornamental landscape that will require intense work.  Don’t worry, for those customers that prefer a high maintenance look without the work, Unique-scape also offers maintenance plans performed by its professional crews.